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Term 2, Week 4: Highlights

This week, Room 16 started our science inquiry by working in groups to research our solar system. Have a look at our slideshows via the link below to find out more about our amazing Solar System!

Term 2, Week 4: Mathletics

An excellent improvement on the previous week, Room 16! Have a look via the link below to see who are class champions were and what our class total was.

Term 2, Week 3 Mathletics

We scored our lowest every class total this week, and only one person made it into the school top ten. Please make sure you are all completing your required 1,500 points each week.

Term 2, Week 3 Highlights

This week sure was action packed! Our top highlight was definitely our trip to Manurewa Marae. We had a tour around the Whare, heard about and acted out the Legend of Manurewa, and learned a new chant. All in all, an excellent day. A big thank you to the parents who came along and helped out - we couldn't have had such an awesome day without you! :)

Have a look at the amazing video Miss Chalmers made of our day out at the Marae via the link below.

Term 2, Week 2

Week one and two have flown by - we've been working hard on novel studies in literacy, investigating statistics during maths, and doing some drama in the afternoon block.

Our drama focus has been on Shakespeare's Twelfth Night, a story of mistaken identity and love triangles. We warmed up by learning the story of the play and about some of the characters. This week we focused on the character of Malvolio, the uppity butler who is pranked into believing that the Countess Olivia is in love with him!

Click through the link below to see the slideshow with our drama activities, and some photos of us in action!

Term 2, Week 2 Mathletics Champions

We had a good week of Mathletics, regaining our place as the school champion. We'll need to up our effort if we want to stay there next week, though! Take a look via the link and see who made it into the school top ten!

Term 1, Week 8: Tui Celebration

The focus of this last week has been preparing for our Tui Team celebration on Friday. We shared our Geometrocities, our rotational symmetry art, and our narrative poems. Have a look at the slide show below to find out all about the learning we shared. Well done, Room 16, on a fantastic celebration of our learning so far.

Term 1, Week 8: Mathletics Champions

This week we managed to keep hold of our amazing run of being the highest-scoring class in Reremoana - but only just! Take a look via the link below to see who our champions were, and our class total.

Mathletics Champions: Term 1, Week 7

Far out, what an amazing week of Mathletics! We keep getting better and better! Click the link below to find out who our outstanding champions are this week, and to see whether we managed to keep our place as the top class at Reremoana School.

Term 1, Week 6: Three-Way Conferences

The focus of our week was the Three-Way Conferences on Thursday. The students were given this opportunity to share their learning goals for the year with their parents. All the children worked hard on setting meaningful and achievable goals. Many thanks to those parents who made it on Thursday. If you didn't, don't panic; you can still do your own goal sharing at home, as the students used their Google Docs to record their goals.

If you get the chance, do pop into class and see our Learning Maps. We drew these up to help us identify who helps us learn, how we like to learn, and what we like to learn. Our purpose with these is to move towards becoming more reflective, self-aware, and self-driven learners. Watch this space!

Mathletics Champions: Term 1, Week 6

Wow! What an outstanding week we've had in Mathletics! Not only did we keep our top spot in Reremoana School, but we also ranked in the top 10 classes in New Zealand! Furthermore, we almost reached 100,000 points, and four students made it into our school top ten. Way to go, Room 16! Click the below link to see our awesome achievements.

Mathletics Champions, Term 1 Week 5

This week we only have one champion who made it into the Reremoana School top ten! Come on Room 16, we need to do much better next week if we want to stay on top! Click the link below to see who our one super champion is, and our class total.

Mathletics Champions: Term 1, Week 4

Another phenomenal week of Mathletics in Room 16! Once again we were the top class in the school, and again we had four students in the school top ten. Have a look below to find out who our most outstanding students were this week.

Week 4 Highlights: House Spirit Day

This Friday was a day set aside to celebrate our school houses. Room 16, and the rest of the school, dressed up in our house colours and spent time in the afternoon practicing our chants, playing games, and having a parade around the field. All in all, a wonderful way to end the week! Follow this link to see some of the photos from our afternoon parade.

Term 1, Week 3

What a great week we've had! This was our first full five-day week and we got stuck into our learning, beginning our Literacy block - which is how we're going to be working on Reading and Writing this year in Room 16 - and continuing with our Geometry by building a Geometrocity. Have a look at the pictures via the link below, and make pop into Room 16, as they're even more impressive in real life!

Mathletics Champions: Term 1, Week 3

An excellent effort was put into Mathletics this week, with four students making it into the top ten at Reremoana School, and Room 16 coming 1st in total points!

Have a look via the link below to see who our champions were this week, as well as our total class points.

Mathletics Champions: Term 1, Week 2

Well done to all the students in Room 16 who worked hard at their Mathletics this week. A good number you reached or exceeded 1,500 points, which is the expected minimum number of points students should be achieving each week. A special congratulations to the top three Mathletes who are listed below in shining lights!

Term 1, Week 2

This second week of term has flown by! We've all worked hard at our learning, and we've done some maths, writing, and art! If you pop into our classroom you'll see our personal cubes hanging up with some poetry, prose, art, and a selfie for good measure!

We had our first week of hockey lessons on Wednesday. We're really lucky to have a coach from Counties Manukau visiting to teach is each week. You can see some pictures via the link below.

Term 1, Week 1

What a fantastic first week we've all had! The class has been buzzing all week with enthusiastic and focused learning. It's been great to start getting to know one another, and I'm really excited for the year ahead. Click through the link below to see some of our highlights!

Welcome Students and Parents

Welcome to Room 16!

A big welcome to all you wonderful students who will be part of Room 16 this year! I hope you've all had a fantastic and restful holiday, and are as excited as I am to get stuck into learning.