Mathletics Champions: Term 1, Week 6

Wow! What an outstanding week we've had in Mathletics! Not only did we keep our top spot in Reremoana School, but we also ranked in the top 10 classes in New Zealand! Furthermore, we almost reached 100,000 points, and four students made it into our school top ten. Way to go, Room 16! Click the below link to see our awesome achievements.

1st at Reremoana School

3rd at Reremoana School

5th at Reremoana School

9th at Reremoana School


  1. Those are some great Mathletes! Do you think that we will get over 100,000 this week?

    1. we definitely deserve 100,000,000 points

  2. Wow!well done who made it to the top ten especially me but i think we all did well on mathletics keep up our good work we can do better next time.

  3. Wow! Super cool results! Well done kids!


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